Friday, March 5, 2010

These are the people in my neighbourhood Part 5

Two new Shops: Art History and The Melissa

Illustrator Ian Phillips with his "Little Artist Paint set" find!

Entertaining and Non poisonous!

From Ian's website
I love how he has recreated these 'old timey' end papers.

One of Ian's illos. I like the 'thumbprint' texture.

Took a little field trip on Queen West with fellow Illustrator Ian Phillips and discovered 2 new(ish) shops: The Melissa and Art History. As explained in Now magazine
the former is textile designer and artist Melissa Levin’s clearing house for her ample 30-year-old collection of retro fabrics, board games and other kitschy, collectable knick-knacks.
Art History is a collaboration betweenn gallerist Katharine Mulherin and Niki Boghossian, who curate found furniture, housewares and small original artworks. Both are full of great stuff and definitely worth a visit.
Have also included 2 images from Ian's website. His 'old timey ness" fits right in with the feel of these two shops.
ps. Hey Shane when are coming to visit Toronto?!! :-)

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