Friday, July 2, 2010

Strategies for Creative thinking: Long Streetcar Rides

Nicholas Carr was on cbc today discussing the effects of the internet on our brains. His research shows that when we read text with links in it (like in the sentence above!) we are continually experiencing small disruptions which impede comprehension and deep thinking. He feels that if you want to do some deep thinking (which he defines as research woven together with personal experience) you need to unplug!I heartily agree.

One of my favorite ways of making room for some deep thinking is to take a long streetcar ride.
There are 3 Rules:
1. Don't go in rush hour 2. Bring journal 3. Don't bring your iphone!


Shannon said...

I took a mini internet holiday for 3 weeks (I still read a few blogs from time to time) and read 4 novels! ...I feel completely refreshed!!

Are Toronto street cars air conditioned? It seems to me the last streetcar I was on was ...umm...lets call it unpleasant.

A Perfect Gray said...

I totally agree. I jump from one thing to the next on the 'net and I know my brain suffers. I can see it happening!

Anonymous said...


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