Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Night at the Bell Light box

Our new Bell lightbox. Love at first sight.

Isn't it beautiful?

Inside: Buzz buzz buzz.

O+B's Canteen Look: Breakfast Wrap 5 bucks!

A great visualization of how TIFF chose the 100 Essential films.
(Looks better in person. Go see it.)
ps. Here is the LIST.

Close up

Close up

Part of the Essential 100 Exhibit
Carl Dreyer's angsty Passion of Joan of Arc plays on a big screen - on a constant loop!

Really loved The Lives of Others. Glad it made the list.

An installation called 24 Hour Psycho Back and Forth by Douglas Gordon which plays Hitchcock’s Psycho on 2 adjacent screens, one in forward motion and the other in reverse!

This is playing tommorrow!

My brother Danny working on the Red carpet at Roy Thompson Hall
Yes Handsome Devil!

Requisite star siting: Michael C. Hall

I went to visit our new Bell Lightbox for the first time tonight. Got a lump in my throat when I saw it. Corny but true. Such a beautiful building. Designed by Toronto based Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg (KPMB). Such a beautiful testament to our city's love of film.It was completely buzzing with people + activity and because it was open late it had that great 'pajama party' feeling. I peeked into Oliver and Bonacini's Canteen. It looks an adorable + affordable perfect spot for people watching.

I went to see The Essential 100 Cinema exhibition.
Favourite part was the 'Wunderkammer' or cabinet of curiosities room, which was filled with artifacts, photos, fantastic posters, and clips from TIFF's 100 Essential films.

I rounded out the evening with a visit to see my brother working the Roy Thompson red carpet and then an unplanned celebrity sighting of Michael C. Hall.

I am so in love with my city tonight.

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