Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Vote for Light floors

A trip to comrags is always inspirational

The design of the store has been described as "Country farmhouse meets urban industrial"

Azure magazine characterizes the store as "basking in a warm, sentimental glow", reflecting "the romantic yet forthright character of its clothing". Loved that.

Love these floors!!

Ok so 3 of my friends: Andrew, Janet and the very helpful Jane Flanaghan have all piped in and informed that dark floors are difficult to keep clean so seeing as I can be a bit of a slob methinks it's back to considering the light floor!

Today popped down to the comrags store on Queen St. to visit my friend Carol and was immediately struck by their gorgeous wooden floor which ofcourse I had never given any attention to until I became a home owner! It has a real simple, authentic vibe to it which I love (as opposed to "Yee oldey fakey vibe" which I strongly dislike!).

Ps. For those readers more interested in illustration or prints - Apologies for the flooring obsession! Should be over in approx 10 days. :-)

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