Monday, January 10, 2011

Thoughts on flooring: What would the Bauhaus do?

Ok so the floor obsession continues. I find myself continuing to look at floors everywhere.
This is the floor in Urban Outfitters changeroom!

The Floor at Comrags
Love the variation in texture

New floor in Zab's condo

Samples of engineered flooring manufactured to look old for that rustic cabin look!

Because I gravitate towards old beat up materials I finally figured out that perhaps what I should be going for is a floor of reclaimed wood. Alas a visit to the flooring store revealed that this is a very impractical option for me because with cement floors a sub floor needs to be installed first = lots o' expense. Consequently my contractor directed me towards some new engineered floors that are manufactured to mimic the reclaimed floors.
Yee Oldy floor Characteristics = wide planks of 4, 5 + 7 inches + a hand scraped surface.

Some of these look quite great but after some thought (and reviewing my notes on modernism from my Art history lectures!) I think a more authentic choice would be a new wooden floor that can be beat up by me in it's own time - not by some employees in a factory.
I think a new floor would be more true to the space as well. After all I'm not living in a 18 century castle - I'm living in a brand new condo with a very utilitarian feel. I think the modernists would approve but I also welcome your thoughts on this matter! Don't hold back Decor enthusiasts. xo.

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Unknown said...

What about reclaimed barn board flooring? They are my personal favourite! The richness of the colour is amazing, as is the history in the wood. Also, the planks come in pretty much any thickness you would need up to 1'! Check it out!