Thursday, February 17, 2011

Little Home Reno update + Some thoughts on Colour

We started with this....

and now it's lookin' like this

I know i know... it looks like my last bedroom!
Walls are Ben Moore Chelsea grey
Pillow by Judy Ross

Ok so it has been ages since I posted a reno update so here's a peek at what's been going on Chez Alanna. I put in two walls to create a private bedroom and a large vestibule. Painted the bedroom Ben Moore Chelsea grey as usual and got a new bed! Next step is to get an upholstered headboard which I'm hoping will pull the room together.

Isn't this stunnning?! LOVE the mustard headboard.

I was gonna go very neutral with the headboard in a nice grey in felt or linen but after seeing the beautiful photo above i'm inspired to do the headboard in a fun colour that will really pop off the grey walls. Am thinking either a mustard as in the Judy Ross pillow or my all time favourite colour: limey chartreuse.

*Dear Readers - Your feedback is most welcome in this serious matter.*
(Please note the irony of that statement)

Now that's a grey!
Photo from the marion house book

Colour note: The Chelsea grey is ok but am now wishing I'd gone with a more dark slatey grey like in the dreamy photo above. I think the paint might be Farrow and Ball's Down Pipe.
Looks much better huh?
I say Learn from my mistakes Dear Readers!

ps. I very much wish I didn't have a mind that obsessed about colour so much... but alas I do.

and pss. I found the bathroom photo on a great new blog The Marion House Book which is written by an Exhibit/ Interior designer and fellow West - Ender Emma Reddington. Emma has really great style - reminiscent of what one finds in the British Decor mags like Living etc + Elle Decor UK plus... she loves greys + blacks! Highly recommended.
(Thanks Kim for turning me onto Emma!)


pve design said...

yes a mustard dijon would be nice or an orange....

A Perfect Gray said...

yay! glad to find another lime-green/yellow fan!

love the bedroom color. I want an upholstered headboard myself.

Emma said...

Thanks for the shout out! I'm a big fan of your work as well. Love the grey and the yellow together (I used that colour combo in my bedroom as well!)

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I love the Chelsea gray! I had been eying it myself and seeing it on your walls has sealed the deal! Love the idea of the yellow headboard, two of my favorite colours together.

Mariss said...

Love the new room! Coming from a lady who wants to marry that color in between chartreuse / mustard...I say find something that's a happy mix of both. I think the pop of color will be best, and you can always reupholster if you want to go neutral down the road...

Unknown said...

Really great bedroom color. I like this very much. I wish I would have the same color and combination for my house. Thanks for giving these ideas.

arrielle_p said...

Cute space to create with such cheerful colors! Nice job.Perfect for winter and summer.

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