Thursday, November 17, 2011

A triptych for Penguin Canada

President of Penguin Books Canada Mike Bryan has just purchased three of my prints for the Canadian head office. The triptych contains the very last Blue penguin I had for sale! I can't think of a more worthy recipient.

The photo is from the weekend as I put the finishing touches on the tea stains and coffee rings.(Yes i paint in the livingroom sometimes... I know outrageous)

ps. I will be doing some new book titles in the new year. Please write in with your suggestions for what book title you'd love to see hanging on your wall. Thanks!


mina said...

Do you make these on a smaller scale or are they all pretty big? I've honestly been thinking about getting on since I saw you in House and Home over a year ago... I just don't know if I've got a space for the large ones.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alanna!
I've been having fun with this (book geek that I am) and have re-decorated my rooms imaginarily with these titles:
Hotel Splendide by Ludwig Bemelmens
Still She Wished For Company by Margaret Irwin
The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield
The City of Beautiful Nonsense by E. Temple Thurston

... though the themes may be darker than their lighthearted titles!

Still love your Reading for Profit best.

Mina's suggestion of smaller versions would be wonderful - I also like the idea of collecting a few together.