Thursday, March 1, 2012

Salon night

Last night was my monthly Salon evening with some of my favourite Design women.
Linda Felton - the animated woman below the light fixture! - and Editor of Covet Garden magazine played host.
Surrounding her are Janet, Jennifer, Donna and Heather.

I knew from the minute that I saw Lynda's address spelled out backwards in wooden letters that I was in for a decor treat. Her house was to die for.
(Wonder if this drives mailmen + delivery people crazy?) :-)

Lynda showing Kim one of her many Inspiration scrap books.

Deep in discussion.

I will use this caption space for a slight digression to announce... that Janet above has just been nominated for a Juno for Recording package of the year for her photo of singer Laura Repo.
Way to go Janet.

Colleen Nicholson deep in a discussion - about either Pinterest or Twitter!

Julie Jenkinson, Lynda and a howling Donna Griffith.

A wonderful night of great food, wine + company - and lots of laughing. Balm for the soul.

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Katya said...

I love these photos because they capture the great energy that gets sparked when women get together and talk about life, work,etc.,etc.
It gives me the same feeling I have when a friend returns from a great trip and shares photos of their adventures. I'm just so happy to be sharing their happiness.