Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Covet Garden in the House!

Today the gals from Covet Garden along with photographer Jodi Pudge + assistant Ian were chez moi to shoot my space for Covet Garden's upcoming book. I was thrilled to have Jodi shoot my space as I've admired her work for years. Below some pics from a very fun day.

 Setting up
Editor Jessica Reid + Jodi assess the situation!

Jessica, Jodi + delicious scones from the Drake - which Jodi declared the best in the city!
Its true ... very flakey.
Jodi,  Jessica + Editor Lynda Felton in background posing in a classic "Serious Editor" pose.
Here she is doing it again!
Lynda is one of the funniest people I've ever met - she kept me cracking up the entire day.
Jodi shooting me while I shoot her.
Yes... very Meta.

With Jodi's shooting and Jessica + Lynda's styling + input the photos turned out absolutely gorgeous! Alas I can't show them to you until December when the book comes out. Can't wait!

ps. Speaking of... Have you ordered your copy yet?

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