Monday, September 23, 2013

Work/Life: My pages in the Directory of Illustration

These are my 2 pages in uppercase magazine's Directory of Illustration. 

Photos of my inspiration board, me in NYC, sketches and stuff currently hanging out on my fridge.
This is the pattern I created for the directory.
I would love to see this made into fabric or wallpaper.
Hello Mr. Sanderson or Schumacher....!
These are some drawings from my sketchbook.
As you can see not all of the phones made it into the final pattern. 
Sometimes you gotta Kill Your Darlings!


Londyn said...

Amazing!! Love it so much.

Katya said...

Lovely rhythm between the phones and typography and then the second layer of the tint. This would make a fun pattern on a handbag. Have a great weekend, K

kyaphe said...

So great!

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

So COOL! Love these.

Shelley said...

Hello W/L 3 buddy! Lovely work, Alanna!
Waving from a few pages away...

Shelley Davies