Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A year ago today...

A year ago today I was stuck in New York due to Hurricane Sandy. It turned out to be a very cozy crazy special time for me.

The hotel was reserving their emergency generator for the kitchen so the rest of the hotel was completely dark - lit only by the warm glow of candles. So cozy! The staff had gone out and purchased boardgames to keep kids entertained :-) and strangers all began talking to each other as folks do in an emergency. I adore that "we're all snowed in so let's make the best of it" feeling.

For dinner the restaurant created a special Hurricane Sandy Menu. Looking at it a year later gives me a tingley warm feeling because it turned out to be a very special night. Dinner by candlelight with my favourite company - feeling safe + warm was divine ... but there were also two special guests sitting at the table beside us. See tweet from a year ago below. Yep.
Sometimes Life is very special.
p.s. In case you're wondering... we had the mac+cheese + crispy brussel sproats with pancetta.
num num.

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