Friday, February 21, 2014

Thomas O'Brien + AERO

The book (which matches very well with my Kuba cloth I think!)

I'm reading this book right now and loving it.
Aero is both a studio and a shop founded by Thomas O'Brien and Bill Sofield (who went on to design the Soho Grand) It's been located in SOHO in various locations since 1992.

I just adore Thomas O Brien's interior design sense.
I love his warm palette, mix of vintage + modern - his use of elegant things in a very relaxed, non formal way and his layering.
His bedroom! So layered and lived in.
The aesthetic of Aero is a titch refined for my taste so for me the best photos in the book are intimate pics of the various apts Thomas has lived in over the years - such as his bedroom above.
Very juicy. Highly recommended. 

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