Friday, May 9, 2014

Artscape Salon 2014

Some photos from the Artscape Salon this past Wednesday.
It was a very fun night.
 Great crowd enjoying pre dinner cocktails and music at the beautiful Wychwood Barns. 

 Me and AGO's Matthew Teitelbaum (who was also a speaker) in the Green room before dinner. 

 Hi jinks in Green Room with Gary Taxali and Company.
 Opera Singer Ambur Braid's incredible tights and shoes.
Gorgeous diningroom set up in Wychwood barns.

And below some of my favourite guests.

 Randi Bergman + Jacquelyn Francis of Fashion magazine
proudly showing off their Tattlys

Adorable couple Alan + Doreen Saskin
I just thought he had the best smile....
 Peter Caldwell and Carolyn Vesley of Ontario Arts Council

Thanks Artscape!

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