Friday, April 9, 2010

"At the End of the Day"

Today on the radio program Ontario today Rita Celli interviewed a fellow named Paul Benoit who used the phrase "At the End of the Day" 11 times in a span of 4 minutes!
Oy vey. I can't stand this phrase. I notice people use it to bulk up their sentences and try to make themselves sound smart but methinks it has the opposite effect. meow! Anyway it inspired me to create this illustration.


t a n y a said...

i love this. having been in the corporate world I used to hear this stuff all day. few of my favorite annoying phrases were, "let's take this offline", and "my ask of you is this...". sigh.

Kate said...


The first week in my new job my supervisor sent me a list phrases he never wanted to see in writing. You nailed them... all those and "low hanging fruit"

I especially hate when business writers make nouns into verbs... like "trended" or "upped"and – and only teeth are "impacted."

Debbie Powell says hello said...

Hey Alanna,
yeah it gets my goat too - great illustration!

got an email from Janine, all is good and the cover is going ahead! woo hoo! thanks so much for everything x

linguinee said...

Right. Going forward, let's speak only when we have something to say. That way, at the end of the day, it's all good.

lisa c. said...

omg i HATE "at the end of the day"!!--the problem is, it's totally contagious. i have friends who use it A L L the time and find myself gravitating from my usual "well um"