Monday, April 5, 2010

Inspiration: Bayeux Tapestry

Love the lettering, colours and inventive stitches

Love the comical figures and the fun rendering of Haley's Comet in the right hand corner.

I absolutely love the Bayeux tapestry.
fyi It's not actually a tapestry at all but rather an embroidery stitched in wool on linen. It measures 230 foot long and was created in approx. 1070 AD. The work depicts the story of the Norman conquest of England. I love the two dimensionality and comic nature of the figures. They were very inspirational to me when developing my illustrations style. I also love how the lettering has been incorporated into the composition and the wonderful combination of inventive stitches. Despite the fact that it was produced over 1000 years ago I find it very fresh and modern looking -- and endlessly inspiring.

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Unknown said...

I enjoyed these pics of the Bayeux tapestry, Alanna. It is such a strange and beautiful object. But I'm not sure you should say "fun rendering" of Halley's Comet, as it was at the time an omen of doom! However, I know you speak as a designer. The incorporation of all the Latin words is oddly similar to the use of words on ancient Greek pottery, to my mind, but in a completely different cultural context. Anyway, you are a constant source of inspiration, and I also love your bike drawing - it is exactly the kind of bike I would like someday! It has a soul entirely its own.