Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Images from the weekend

Trip to the ROM with sweet brother Danny
Me infront of the Paradise of Maitreya
from 1298, Yuan Dynasty

Close up of foot (These guys could really draw)

LOVED this pot in the ROM gift shop by Natalia Laluque
Inspired by Trypilian culture.
Such pure and simple lines

Back at home...my work is cut out for me
More Lighthouse red paint and Chalk board paint!

Now it's White

Now it's Red!

Saturday Bike shopping!

This is Eloise. Found at Duke cycle.
She is definitely in the running.

A clearer shot. A beauty.

A great sprung saddle.

Pantone bikes!? Beautiful but a bit too trendy methinks.

Eric Farache's opening at LOOP

This guy always has great sartorial style. Love the striped pants from Argentina + sneakers.

Then off to Hot docs.
Just love their logo. So striking against the hot pink.
The city looks better for the 2 weeks that these posters are hanging around!

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