Friday, May 20, 2011

NYC Day 1

Here is swiss miss with speaker Maria Popova behind her.

Why is swiss miss looking so happy?

She is announcing that Creative Morning has now grown to include London and Chicago!! YAY.

Maria Popova posited that the two most important qualities for a creative person are Curiosity and Choice. I agree whole heartedly.

Me + swiss miss (Tina Roth Eisenberg)

Wonderful friend Scott

Trip to the American Folk Art Museum
(Martin Haake's favourite place in New York :-))
There was a wonderful show on Quilts

Fantastic dinner at the cozy Porsena (21 East 7th Street)

I began my New York adventure early by attending Swiss' miss Creative morning this am at the beautifully designed General Assembly space in the FlatIron district.

The speaker was writer Maria Popova who gave a presentation on her theories of creativity. Her talk included quotes by many of my favourite designers including Paula Scher + Alex Steinweiss plus a very groovy animated film by Nina Paley which proved Popova's main point that nothing is original! It was a very thought provoking talk.

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