Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Now that's neighbourly!

Owner of Blacksmith Cycle Mike with espresso + fresh banana bread
(I know.. he looks way too young to be the owner of anything!)

The gorgeous Gazelle "Tour populair" that Mike carries in the shop.
What a beauty.

Today I popped into Blacksmith cycle (which is now open!) to continue my bicycle search.
After giving me the low down on his beeyooteeful Gazelle bikes - owner Mike offered me not only an excellent americano from the shop's espresso bar but also a scrumptious piece of banana bread to go with it. Now that's neighbourly.
I wanted to say " Where am I? In an 19th century Amish town?"

ps. The bad news is: there are too beautiful bikes to choose from.
The good news is: I can't buy them all but I can draw them all. :-)

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