Friday, June 24, 2011

Operation Tea towel!

Food quotations Linen Tea towel

Some process shots:

Inking the screen

and Ta - da!

I also printed the image on large 24 X 36 paper.
I like the combo of very dense writing contrasted with lots of white space on all 4 sides.

Please note: The tea towel is just a protype - not yet available!
The prints are artist's proofs. I will have a full edition + pricing by next week.
Please email me at alanna(dot)cavanagh(at)gmail(dot)com if interested in either item.

ps. Must be mentioned... The linen tea towel samples were sewn by Alexis DaSilva - Powell and she did an amazing job.


Jane Flanagan said...

I want a tea towel for sure!!!

karyn said...

i love this!

Dave Murray said...

thumbs up, pal!

Unknown said...

I just love this you have done great job. Keep doing such efforts.