Thursday, November 17, 2011

Great booth design and How I love Pinterest

Jennifer Kreyssig of The IDS show sent me this photo of a great booth design today. (She is tracking down the source... she knows the company is French!)

I love the scaled up fabric and etched looking door with the "Alice in Wonderland' vibe. Also love those pendant lights. The photo went straight onto my Pinterest Board of murals + window display.
I am continuing to find Pinterest a great (and very speedy!) way to neatly organize one's inspiration + all the visual goodness one finds on the web. Highly recommended!
ps. Anybody have a great source for these kind of pendant lamps? :-)


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mina said...

Do you have EQ3 in Toronto: <- pretty similar to what you're looking for. I was considering that but decided to go with a sputnik instead.

I just scheduled a post for tomorrow about how much I love pinterest. Great minds!

Unknown said...

Well, I love the design. It is much is unique. I must say you have great talent. Thanks for sharing with us!

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Claire said...

That is a wonderful booth! And as for pendant lamps, try browsing on Lumens dot com, and if you find the style you like, order it or find it here in town. I am always browsing on Lumens because I love different fixtures. Just my wee little tip.

Unknown said...

It is really wonderful booth design.I also browse on Lumens. It offer really great features. I love just these design. From your blog I also got some kind of ideas.

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