Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Press: Style at Home

Photo by Donna Griffith. Interior Design by Carol Reed.

Three of my silkscreen prints (S is for swing, Alphabet legs + abc typewriter) appear in the home office of real estate agent Kara Reed in the lastest issue of Style at Home magazine. Fun fact: Kara Reed is Sarah Richardson's Real estate agent + advisor on HGTV's show "Sarah's house". Neat. I had no idea Kara had three of my prints.

(Thanks to my decor women Kim + Margot for letting me know about this article. They are always on top of everything. :-))

Alphabet legs print

Because the photo looks terribly blurry in blogger* (GRRR) I've included some close ups of the prints from my own archive above + below.

S is for swing print

Big ps! The workspace article also includes the cheerful DIY home office below of Jennifer Flores + Sean Stanwick of Rambling Renovators.

Their space contains an ingenius IKEA hack that totally impressed me: An Expediet shelf turned into wallmounted cubbies! Isn't that great?

Gee.... sure would love to get some hacked Expediets mounted over here at Chez Alanna! SIGH.


Designwali said...

congrats on your feature! can't wait to read it!

Claire said...

Alanna, I picked up my "belly" print from the framing shop yesterday and installed it in my kitchen. It looks beautiful and it makes me so happy! I chose to float it (because of the lovely ragged edges of the paper) on a mat, within an ivory-coloured frame. My framer said that he had seen "a few of these already"...! So thank you again. :)