Monday, February 6, 2012

Some experiments with pastel + collage

I've been experimenting with pastel and collage the past 2 weeks.
I find this medium and technique is helpful for warming up.
(The fat tulips + bridge shapes are influenced by Lucienne Day + Marion Mahler)

I love the effect one gets from cutting out shapes with scissors. They usually have a nice unplanned vibe to them which I like. (I learned this from Paul Rand and Martin Haake)

Above a repeat pattern I created from the leaf part of one of the red collages.
Might make a groovy wallpaper?


RedPat said...

I love it - would be a super wallpaper!

A Perfect Gray said...

my thoughts exactly, awesome wallpaper.

anamanzana said...

i would totally buy your green pattern as wallpaper. you should really think about it. it would be perfect for me, in blue, for my dream bathroom. it's my dream bathroom because every time i mention it to my hubby, he says, "you're dreamin'."

jennysemon said...

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