Monday, April 8, 2013

A Give Away!

Happy Monday!
The Bay has generously donated two complete sets of my capsule collection below for a Give Away.
To enter leave a comment here or send an email to alanna(dot)cavanagh(at) and I'll post below.
Contest closes Wed April 17th. Good luck!


Melissa Agostino said...

Oh my goodness, Alana - these are soooo cute (and colourful and fun)!!!! Congrats on the new collection!

Melissa Agostino said...

Opps - Alanna! :)))))

JT and MC said...

What a FANTASTIC capsule. I see some Percy influence!
xoxo Jen (your neighbour)

Unknown said...

Hey Alanna, congratulations. Everything looks amazing and I love the packaging!

mina said...


I've got my fingers crossed for this one!

Melanie Kushner said...

These are incredible!

niks said...

Love the new collection, especially the butterfly mug!

LadyFin said...

I love your new collection! Beautiful!!!

- Carol

Unknown said...

LOVE this new collection by the amazingly talented Alanna!!!

Scott Linder said...

An exuberant collection from an exuberant designer!

AnneB said...

My home is craving a bit more Cavanagh. Even if I don't win, I will buy anyway! Thanks for the opportunity.

Meesh @ I Dream of Chairs said...

So cute and fun for a garden tea party!

DoWest said...
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GM said...

love it love it love it love it!
Capsule ADDICTION! =)

dress girl said...

love the collection!

Unknown said...

Alanna ... you are now officially in the big leagues! Not only are you at The Bay but Lord & Taylor, no less! I knew you when! Your tidbit plates especially rule! I have them already. Love the entire collection. Bed linens are next ... I have a vision ...

Hugs ... Joanne

Unknown said...

OMG, Alanna! Your new collection is super cute, especially the butterfly mug. Hope I get picked :)

claudine said...

You are such an inspiration - I have your typewriter card on my pin board, along with a post card you did years ago of the gal on the swing.... LOVE your work!!

Laura from Canada said...

Beautiful. As always.

beth said...

Alanna, it's so cheerful and bright, it feels like you're reinvented the fifties as a joyful time.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the collection - it's fabulous!

And *fingers crossed* :)

minxyvixen said...

Congrats on the collection Alanna! How gorgeous!!!

Local 00303 said...

Congratulations -the collection is absolutely adorable! PLEASE do sheet sets next!
I saw some work by a Brooklyn artist yesterday, and I grabbed a card for you since her style reminded me of you - I think you'll like her.

Unknown said...

Alanna, you rock! These are fabulous!! Good on you! Maureen

Salon Voltaire said...

If I win by Linda T.

Alanna’s pen
has drawn
frond and fauna
with charm and grace

Little birds on a plates
holds the cake’s
final fate,
a guest’s sweet delight

of whimsy and bright,
locked in flight,
watch from a teacups
as we take a bite

When all have left,
the apron is set aside,
and the tea towel has dried,
they will sit upon my shelf to prettily reside

Salon Voltaire said...

If I win - by Linda T.

Alanna’s pen
has drawn
frond and fauna
with charm and grace

Little birds on a plates
holds the cake’s
final fate,
a guest’s sweet delight

of whimsy and bright,
locked in flight,
watch from a teacups
as we take a bite

When all have left,
the apron is set aside,
and the tea towel has dried,
they will sit upon my shelf to prettily reside

Unknown said...

Félicitations Alanna! I would be honored to win one of your prizes!

Edith said...

Amazingly cute capsule collection, congrats for it.
I am a HUGE fan of yours & I would love to have this in my kitchen.

Farquist said...

Wow! I would love to own your collection!

carolyn said...

Alanna -- these are just the best! Congrats -- you continue to be an inspiration as well as an amazing girl! I would so love to win this ... :) Carolyn

lizclarke said...

These would look so good in my new kitchen at my new cottage. Would live to win and would be eternally grateful.

Lindsay K said...

This pattern is too cute and yes, it's perfect spring! Thanks for holding this contest.

Unknown said...

If I win the contest I'll make you dinner
Three things on each'll be a winner
With the beautiful apron and plates and gloves
I guarantee it will be full of love!!

(even if I don't win I'll make dinner for you
.........and invite Sasha too!!)

Carol K.

Unknown said...

Wow...reminds me of my Grandmother's old broadcloth now napkins!

Congrats and so glad to see you expanding and sharing your talents is so many venues.

Best regards,
Kitty MacFarlane

marisa said...

I love how joyful the collection is! So pretty for Spring!

MediaCircus said...
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Michelle @ AM Dolce Vita said...

Your new capsule collection is amazing and so springy, Alanna! I've been waiting for it to come out for the longest time. I have this set in mind as this year's Mother's Day present. It'd be so nice to enjoy afternoon tea with my Mom and girlfriends over a set like this.

Shadi said...

Your work is always so colorful. My mother would love having this capsule! a perfect spring gift!

julie said...

I've been keeping my eye out for your collection each time I've been at The Bay for the past few weeks. I'm so glad to hear it's available! Congratulations! It's looks so great!

Heather said...

Such a beautiful colour palette! Congratulations Alanna!

Unknown said...

Fresh and Fun!

martha mary said...

Wow, fantastic collection.

Stacey said...

Looking forward to purchasing a new Alanna Cavanagh tea towel from the Bay. My other two from your previous releases are getting lonely. :)


Unknown said...

What a gorgeous collection. Congratulations!

Alanna Cavanagh said...

from Kim Gross
Mon 10:28 am


Alanna Cavanagh said...

April 8, 2013 10:31:57 AM EDT
Kathryn Klar

I love the collection
The packaging is fantastic too!!!! ... I love canape round box with the artist (you) image on the bottom.

Alanna Cavanagh said...

10:41:28 AM EDT


Congratulations Alanna!
How thrilling it would be to have a collection of your work in every day use!

Alanna Cavanagh said...

10:41:28 AM EDT
Anita B

HI Alanna

I would love a chance to win this collection, I think it is simply sublime.

Alanna Cavanagh said...

11:15:02 AM EDT
Alan Forsyth

Hi Alanna ... congrats on the new Bay items .. I saw them on the weekend at the Bay too .. so amazing ..


Alanna Cavanagh said...

11:21:32 AM EDT
Sue Rubin

So wonderfully cheery to view your collection on this grey April day! Congratulations and I hope I am able to view it in person here in Halifax!


Alanna Cavanagh said...

11:38:29 AM EDT
Beth K

So gorgeous! So happy and colourful.

Alanna Cavanagh said...

11:48:34 AM EDT
Cinders McLeod



Alanna Cavanagh said...

11:53:41 AM EDT
Comrags the Store

Woohoo! What a beautiful collection. I can just picture a sweet little cupcake on one of those colourful plates!


Alanna Cavanagh said...

12:24:41 PM EDT
Melanie Redman

Alanna. I am SO pleased for you. Beautiful. Amazing.


Alanna Cavanagh said...

12:26:15 PM EDT
Bari Goodman


Gemma Luker said...


Karen J said...

Hello Spring!
Lovely, as usual.

ruthhayman said...

Alanna!! I love the collection! I had a party on Sunday, and put your spring tea towel on display. Now everyone wants one! Congratulations!

Renee said...

Congrats on the new collection!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new collection! Now wish myself good luck!

Shelley said...

I couldn't be happier for you, Alanna! Everything looks fab! An so 'you'. Well done, my dear.

suzy said...

What amazing talent - I would like to win because I would like to own these - they make me smile

Alanna Cavanagh said...

from Sylvia Sarkus

April 9 2013
Dear Alanna,

I was in Batimore on the weekend where magnolias are blooming, green spaces along the roads are bursting with the yellow of daffodils, and planters are overflowing with pansies. Toronto has you with your lovely capsule collection ushering in spring. There are crocuses trying valiantly to peer out of the ground. Alas they lack the vibrancy and energy of the colours and motifs in your collection.

Please enter me in your contest.

My thanks.
Sylvia Sarkus

Alanna Cavanagh said...

From Betty Blakely

April 9, 2013 6:44:17 PM EDT

Hi Alanna—Your new collection looks awesome. I will sure look for it on my next trip to The Bay.


Alanna Cavanagh said...

April 9, 2013 10:12:58 PM EDT
Leah McCreight

Hello Alanna.

I love love love your illustrations! Would be thrilled to win this set.

Leah McCreight

Rocio said...

OOhhhhh, the collection is fantabulous!!! And I would absolutely love to have Lord Percy Percy chirping away at home!!!

Paul Wilcken said...

Very awesome. #WANT to eat off them!

sasha_toronto said...

Alanna - you are one of the fiercest ladies I know!

Mary deB said...

These are really fun and sunny!

Isabella said...

Hope to get lucky this time. Congratulations, everything is beautiful

Anonymous said...

The collection is cute and beautiful!

- Synthia

OttawaShopper said...

I saw a beautiful display of this collection at the Bay (Rideau). They're beautiful pieces!

ArlenePaterson said...

They are so beautiful, fresh and fun! The perfect antidote to this cold, rainy day week. I was downtown for a meeting this morning and went to see the display in situ but that part of the store wasn't open then.
Plan to see one on my table though.
Kudos to you and HBC!

Lauren Meehan said...
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Lauren Meehan said...

This is a BEAUTIFUL collection. Congratulations!

Alanna Cavanagh said...

April 12, 2013 9:35:47 PM EDT
from Nicole Wade

Hi Alanna,
I went out and bought a tea towel from your collection yesterday! It made my day. Things are still pretty dreary in Wpg right now. But my new towel is a sign of good things to come!
Well done!
A fan of your work,

Frog said...
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Frog said...

These are super! If I win, I'll make pancakes for my entire family.


stereotype said...

congrats on the collection!
I recently picked up your brogue shoe print, I love it!

Tim said...

yay!! Thanks Alanna for hosting this giveaway!! Would love a set of course. So playful and whimsical!

Alanna Cavanagh said...

April 16, 2013 11:36:54 AM EDT

From Lisa H
Love the collection!
Congrats Alanna.

Ann said...

Soooooo Beautiful! Oh little spring little spring come my way as Friday is my birthday! Hah!
Oh Alanna your new collection is so beautiful. It makes me feel happy, the blooms, the birdies, the butterflies! J'adore! xox

Ann said...
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Alanna Cavanagh said...

April 17, 2013 11:00:19 PM EDT

Just under the wire!
Love the collection!
Pick me!

Greg Oh