Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Home in Covet Garden

The new first ever Covet Garden print Magazine is out and my home is featured in it. 
You can buy it here. 
(Great Xmas gift for the decor lover in your life) 
Hint hint!

 Gorgeous photography throughout by Jodi Pudge. 
My ink and screens have never looked better.

 My livingroom featuring my silkscreen prints and my needlepointed shoe pillow.

 Wide shot.
 I sure love my IKEA expediet bookcase which serves as a great room divider.
My sweet canary Lord Percy can be seen in the back left corner.
 Me + my Dress Judy screen (which is now split!)
On the left: several of my illustration gigs: Tea towel for the Bay, 2 book covers, some Tattlys and my bird canape plates for Lord and Taylor.
On the right my office and a little peek at my bedroom. 

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! You have such a gorgeous and inspiring home, Alanna!