Saturday, November 9, 2013

New print: Greek jug

I have a new print available: Greek jug. 
It was inspired by a stroll through the fabulous Attic Black figure vases collection at the ROM.
 This print is 4' x 5.5". 
It is a signed print from an edition of 40. 
It is 40.00 and can be purchased in my shop.

I plan on creating 3 more for a series. I think they'd look great framed together as a grouping of 2 of 4.  Below are some pics of the printing process. ps. You can also find these shots on my instagram. 

 First pass with terra cotta coloured ink.
 Applying the black ink with a spatula.
Voila: Finished print.

1 comment:

Ms_Blossom said...

Beautiful! Perhaps a special edition in french blue? That would be a dream!