Monday, October 5, 2009

Brooks Brothers

Today I received my invite to the Brooks Brothers party which will mark it's first store opening in Canada.
Back in 2003 I created illustrations for their 185th Anniversary book. Attached are the illos I created of suits from 1930 and 1950. In 2006 I also created a small edition of large silk screen prints based on the 1930s suit. I'll be making a second edition of it this month and it will be available through Hollace Cluny.
Recently Brooks Brothers CEO Claudio Del Vecchio acknowledged that Mad Men has added a new cool caché to the long established label! Who doesn't want to look like Donald Draper?

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Ben J Hamilton said...

Argh, centred text everywhere. I like the humble pair of shoes next to your work (which is great by the way) :)