Monday, October 26, 2009

Into the studio: Printing the Brooks Brothers suit

Brooks Screen 25" x 42"


Lovely collection of squeegees

Inking the screen

Ta da!

Red suit drying in the drying rack

Today I began work on my new edition of Brooks Brothers Suit silk screen prints.
I printed them in the wonderful studio run by the Contemporary Textile Co-op in the 401 Richmond building.
I'm producing a varied edition: some single pass prints in red, some in black and some in a combination 2 layer print in olive green + black. Tonight I completed the single pass red ink prints. I printed some on Maidstone 100% Rag paper and some on Kiraku Kozo paper from the Japanese Paper Place. (FYI They have a wonderful artist resource centre there and fantastic staff to help when selecting papers!)


LocalTexan said...

What kind of ink did you use for your print?

Alanna Cavanagh said...

Hi Watchman 01,

I use 3/4 Speedball ink mixed with 1/4 of retarder (to ensure that the screen doesn't dry while screening). If you can't find retarder glycerin also works.