Friday, October 9, 2009

New Work: Hollace Cluny Wall Mural


Exterior of the shop 1070 Yonge St

The drawing which the mural is based on

Pottery by Jennifer Graham

Pillow by Bev Hisey

My Big Scissor Print against wallpaper by Tracy Kendall

My Mural at Hollace Cluny is up!
My illustrations in red vinyl also appear in mirrors in the store and on the front window. Here are some pics including the drawing which the mural is based on.
ps. When I visited today I was struck by the fantastic pillows of Bev Hisey and pottery of Jennifer Graham -- so have included pics of their work as well.
So much lovely stuff in the shop from great Canadian designers - Come take a peek!
1070 Yonge St.


Mika said...

Smoking hot! The red is gorgeous.

Shane Harrison said...

Nice! This is such a natural application for your work. I can see this being a great solution for a lot of businesses. It's very charming.


Unknown said...

Looks AWESOME!!!! Hope the west end is treating you well. We miss you in the Cabbagepatch. Jenn

Cristin said...

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