Friday, January 22, 2010

Fomato cards: Smart+ Sweet

Discovered this smart + sweet greeting card company from California called fomato. Lots of the cards contain social media jokes and I find the sweet creatures sitting behind their computer screens kinda heartbreaking.


Ben J Hamilton said...

Hi Alanna. How’s things? Did you get any of those typography books in the end? I got a few books about Renaissance Florence so I’ve been swotting up on that. I have a job interview next Tuesday in Bath so fingers-crossed I’ll be working by February!

lisa c. said...

HA! i just discovered fomato (and that very card) a few weeks ago--amazing. you should also look at kiss me kwik (british cards that are hilarious...dirty too!)
i just declared my love for you:
am i being too forward?? :):):)

Alanna Cavanagh said...

you have made my day.
thank you for your super over the top hilarious blog post.
i especially liked
"you are so talented -BITCH!!!"