Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Grant Heap's Stag Tapestry

Tapestry in full (note the tiny heads below)

Close up

Ultra Close up

Grant stitching at The Workroom

A great reason to go for dinner at the Gladstone Hotel this winter is to check out my friend Grant's amazing Stag tapestry. The tapestry measures 10' by 15' (!!) and is made up of 20,049 fabric scraps stitched together! The result is fantastic and somehow very cozy. (ie. While dining it's very nice to be surrounded by a gigantic stag in the middle of a cold Ontario winter!) The piece also fits in perfectly with the Gladstone's "Retro Canadiana /Cabin in the woods" vibe. Methinks they should purchase it permanently.

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Anna said...

well isn't he darling. love this work.