Thursday, January 14, 2010

In a librarian state of mind

The English teacher Ms. Stubbs from An Education


I went to see An Education this week. My favorite character was the English teacher Ms. Stubbs who lived in a groovy little apt filled with dog eared penguin paperbacks, and other soulful tchochkes- not unlike the gorgeous interior above (well...minus the Philippe Starck ghost chair and Mac computer!) Speaking of nerdy women... above is my silk screen print called Franny goes to school. I created it to celebrate woman like Ms. Stubbs who read alot and wear sensible shoes.
ps. Excellent nerdy Podcast: In Our Time on BBC Radio 4
You can learn about the history of the Frankfurt school or The library of Alexandria while folding your laundry!

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Mika said...

Lovely movie. So nicely written, performed, styled. And the teacher! I'd like to be that person to someone one day.