Thursday, July 28, 2011

Book Launch with Misha Glouberman + Sheila Heti

Sheila Heti + Misha Glouberman at last night's launch at the Garrison

Last night's book launch of The chairs are where the people go was very entertaining. I found Misha Glouberman to be insightful, hilariously self deprecating and instantly likable. Sheila Heti was charming, articulate and rocking her librarian chic style as usual.
Here are some favourite lines from the Q + A:

Q: How did the book come about?
Sheila: I just sat down and typed what Misha said. Lucky for me he speaks in fully formed paragraphs.

Q: Is there a main theme to your approach?
Misha: Well I don't wanna say something trite like "flattening of hierarchies' but I guess the answer is hmm... flattening of hierarchies!

Q: What are American Audiences like?
Misha: They used to be very taken with Canada. They'd often ask "Is it true that every Canadian smokes pot and is married to a gay person?!!" That's all changed now that they have a good president and we have bad prime minister.

Q: What would this book be like if it was illustrated?
Misha: It would not be illustrated! It's a book for grown ups! (Said very tongue in cheek)
Uh oh.... I'm gonna be beat up by a graphic novelist as soon as I get off this stage.

Quite great.

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