Sunday, July 17, 2011

Page One: Inside the New York Times

Last night I went to see Page One: Inside the New York Times by filmmaker Andrew Rossi.

Through footage of the Times' story-pitch meetings, newsroom deliberations, journalist profiles + various interviews — all shot over 14 months starting in November 2009 — the doc profiles the paper as it tries to stay vital, financially sound and evolve.

The film is filled with many great characters such as the salty David Carr - but my favourite NYT staffer was media desk editor Bruce Headlam (above) who comes across as the kind of guy who cares deeply about his work and stays at the office way too late. I found him adorably earnest.
Fun fact: he's Canadian and originally worked at the now defunct Saturday night magazine.

Journalism geeks will love the fly on the wall insider footage and design geeks will appreciate getting a peek at the both the exterior + interior of the NYT's building. (Don'tcha love those intense red walls?)

Anybody interested in the changing landscape of media + the future of print should see this doc.

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