Sunday, August 21, 2011

On Meeting Judy Ross

Since a bunch of you let me know that you enjoyed the post on Kate Spade I thought I'd share some photos of my first visit with textile designer Judy Ross. I first met Judy on the same business trip in 2006.

When I entered the lobby to Judy's building in Union Square I was so excited to see her name in the classic new york type directory. The humble old school signage (which I love) was in complete contrast to her gorgeous colourful office below.

Judy's office. I loved the beautiful arched windows facing out to Union square.
(I visited at 6pm so it was dark out!)
On the wall is her Cheerleader design in three different colour ways. On the table you can see her Seeds pillow. Both are made with a traditional indian chain stitch.

Close up of the yellow Duet pillow which made it home with me. :-)
These pillows are so dense + juicy with colour. Just one can do so much for a room.

At home Judy and her son Gabriel. (He is much bigger now!) You can get a tiny peek of one of her juicy rugs on the floor and behind her a print by Kiki Smith. (She also had an original Sonia Delaunay - !!)

Close up of Judy's shelves filled with fantastic art, pattern + textile reference. I love that paper maché vase with the diamonds.
Recognize those little pink scissors? :-)

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kyaphe said... exciting. I love Judy's work. Great, inspiring post.