Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thinking about Steve Jobs today

and like so many can't stop feeling a bit worried about him since his resignation was announced yesterday . :-( Above is photo with new CEO Tim Cook.
I know goofey but what can I say I have a huge soft spot for him.
God Speed SJ.

ps. Recently watched this great documentary him. Its free! + Highly recommended.


anamanzana said...

i agree with you. when one has a rare form of pancreatic cancer & retires, more or less, i worry about his health, too. more so than i worry about apple and their amazing design.

Unknown said...

Yes, health come first. I came to know steve jobs yesterday only. If your ill then you should rest first and take care for health. I must say steve had great great work for apple.

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Shirley said...

it's not goofy at all..I feel the same about SJ. Love your blog! : )