Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Work: Wide pants + bow shoes

This week I started work on a new print.
For inspiration I turned to this HUE packaging. I've always found HUE's styling + photography to be totally inspirational and I just loved these vintagey looking shoes with the bows.

Here's the first sketch inspired by the shoes.

For fun I tried a version using a photograph of lace. I scanned the lace in and then put it together in Photoshop.

I created this red version by going into the Image menu in Photoshop and changing from RGB mode to montone mode. I then choose red.
I think all 3 versions work so I plan to do a varied edition when I produce this print.
Next step is to make the screen....

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mina said...

i love that you post about your process, it's so interesting. great work!