Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Photos from my Open House


Victoria Adilman and Colleen Nicholson
Such beauties!

Little Ms. Lepik, Fabio Mikai+ Wendy Banks, Marnie's great librarian shoes + Jen Tindall

Neighbours Chris Stevens, Holly Luhning and Lauren Goldman
All Artscapers!!

Ed Pien (another Artscaper - yay!) and Fabio

Eric Farache + Wendy Banks

Chris showing us his well known ipad App Alice in New York!

Thanks to everyone who came to my Open House. It was great to meet many of you for the first time and you all helped to make it a special evening.
Extra thanks to Melanie Redman + Kim (Flaherty) for booze + food pick up and Whirling Dervish set up!
Could not have done it without you. xxx

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