Friday, October 14, 2011

Writer Chris Hedges

A must watch video :
Pulitzer Prize writer Chris Hedges eloquently takes down Right Wing Embarrassment to Canada Kevin O'Leary while discussing the Occupy Wall Street movement.
I found Hedges' intelligence + composure under pressure complete admirable.
He's a new favourite nerd.


Mina from Sending Postcards let me know that the cbc budsman found O' leary's remark to a breach of policy and offered a formal apology to Chris Hedges. yay.

Read the satisfying article here.


Emma said...

Thanks for posting that. What an embarrassment O'Leary is. He should be replaced with Chris Hedges!

mina said...

I can't believe Kevin O'Leary is working for the CBC in this capacity. I mean, you'd think The Dragon's Den would be enough to maintain his over-inflated ego. This was just gross.

Anyway, apparently he apologized off air... even though he wasted everyone's time by quibbling over the semantics of "nutbar" and "nutcase" on air.

Katya said...

Thanks for sharing this piece. Chris Hedges reflected what news programs of yesteryear used to be: places where people became more informed and educated. His calm demeanor only highlighted the weaknesses of O'Leary.

Alanna Cavanagh said...

Thanks you 3 for your comments!

I complete agree with you. Hedge's complete composure was so impressive + wonderful to behold. He's a new addition to my mentors list!!

Wendy said...

That clip was amazing! I hadn't heard anything of it in the US. Thanks for sharing it. Chris Hedges was impressive.