Thursday, February 14, 2013


Happy Valentine's Day everybody.
Below are 4 brand new prints from my Kitchen series:
Espresso maker, Cheese Grater, Gravy boat, and Sifter. 
They are printed on Maidstone paper with a lovely deckley edge and measure 4" x 5.5 "
(See photos of process in previous post)
They're signed and part of an open edition (ie not numbered).

I am giving away three sets of 2 prints each!
To qualify please leave a comment below stating your two favourite images from this new series.
(If you feel inclined to also leave a joke, limerick, or valentine's greeting - please don't hold back:-)

Winners will be announced February 21st. Good Luck!
ps. These new prints are sold in a set of two for 30.00.


Unknown said...

What a great giveaway for Valentine's Day. I really like the Espresso maker and the Sifter - perfect for the kitchen.

Kate said...

Coffee, definitely, coffee... Hmmm Coffee. Happy Anna Howard Shaw day!

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful! My two favorites are... the cheese grater and the coffee pot.

Roses are red
More on that later.
Cheese is my favorite.
I'd call it grate-r.

Ok, that was lame =) Happy Valentine's Day!

Kim Johnson Gross said...

Hi Alanna, The espresso maker and grater are my almost daily go-tos & you've captured them in such a warm, friendly way.
Happy Valentine's Day to you!

tara said...

They are making me hungry for cheese and coffee! (Doesn't take much to make me hungry foe cheese and coffee...)

Gorgeous stuff as ususal, Tara xo

Melissa Agostino said...

It's GRATE when you ESPRESSO yourself - ha ha!

LOVE the cheese grater and moka!

Happy Valentine's Day Alanna!!!

Salon Voltaire said...

I'm a big fan, as you know :) So proud of what you have achieved.

I'd love to have one of your prints.

Linda Theron

Happy Valentines Day! Here's a cute video of what kids think about love.
I quote Kermit the Frog :)
"Someday We'll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers and me”

DoWest said...

This is amazing of you.
I love the sifter as I still have the same one I have been using for 30 years...and the grater. Parmessan is my new favourite and it's a hard cheese so it can be hard to grate...I like to do thin long strips for my favourite kale salad!!

Augwen said...

The sifter represents my relationship to baking: warm but just oh so slightly off kilter. One simply needs to coffee to come through the process with humour intact.

Lovely work, as always. And happy Valentine's day!


Ceri said...

There once was an artist named Alanna
Whose drawings made everyone wanna
Own them and frame them
Hang them and love them
On Valentine's Day and beyond (a)

Whoa, that is so bad. But these prints are really sweet. Love the flour sifter and the cheese grater. But they're all fab. Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day.

DoWest said...

Hey how did that happen?...last comment by Carol Keates and it came up Do West because I am using computer at work but it's me Carol

Claire said...

Coffee pot and gravy boat! The first one absolutely cannot live without, the other is a frill on a gracious table (i.e. not a necessity). I like the way these two images balance the everyday and the fancy. xo for Valentine's Day, Alanna!

Anonymous said...

Tough choice...but i narrowed it down to the cheese grater (i like the way the holes look like little hearts, or like a flock of birds in a weird grid formation), and the sifter, because it reminds me of a hurdy-gurdy (? - the musical instrument you crank), which seems to make sifting flour more fun.
Happy Generosity Day (yes, really-see

minxyvixen said...

whoa! amazing!! I would definitely choose coffee and grater. But they are all so cute! Just like you Alanna - HVD!

Lindsay said...

Oh! I absolutely love these. I adore the cheese grater and the saucer. The little hearts are so sweet!

Anonymous said...

WOW - I love them Alanna!
My favourite 2 - the grater - and there's no one grater then you Alanna (sad attempt at butt kissing) and the sifter.

On a day one folks give flowers and candy
I'd rather have these prints 'cause there Jim Dandy

(take that Kim)


Joann said...

Love the espresso maker! Reminds of me my 'every morning' ritual!

Joann said...

OH! Two favourite images --- the cheese grater is always on my kitchen counter. Great work -- as always!

Unknown said...

Sifter and stove top coffee maker are my favs!
Coffee maker cuz we use it everyday. Sifter cuz it is exactly like my grandmother's that I have in my kitchen.
Past and present represent!!
Happy Valentine Alanna!!

GM said...

Hei Alanna..
i'm your fan you know, but they are great :)! And all of them perfect for my kitchen!
Espresso maker and Cheese Grater ara my fav!

Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Laura from Canada said...

Good gravy! That grater is my fave. It reminds of how often I rip my knuckles each week ......

CatSweeney said...

Sweet idea! Love it. Okay here goes:
His love was like a grater
shredding her hard exterior,

Sadly, her love was like espresso,
Hot, steamy and ready to go.

Anonymous said...

Love the Cheese Grater and Flour sifter...wonderful to see the series continue with older kitchen impliments.

I particularly like the ones where the labour is implied...the interaction of technical ingenuity with human labour to produce good food!

Unknown said...

Happy V Day, Alanna! My favorites are the gravy boat and cheese grater!

Isabella said...

I love to cook and bake, I think the cheese grater and the sifter would look great in my kitchen.
Happy Valentines.

Unknown said...

coffee = love
They are all wonderful, thanks

aj said...

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I hope I win the coffee pot and the sifter too.

Love them! Thanks for spreading some happiness today.

Unknown said...

who has been a busy little elf in the print studio? Love love love the espresso maker and the old school sifter. I still have that sifter from the days of my youth - Not practical, but lovely to look at. Hope you're feeling the love from across the Don Valley !

Unknown said...

they are all so great and would be the perfect compliment to the empty belly print i have in my kitchen/dining room area :) my favs are the espressso maker and cheese grater ... of the four prints these are what i use the most!

T. Budnik said...

Love the cheese grater (I need a new one for my kitchen!) and the sifter. Fabulous work!

Unknown said...

All four prints are marvelous! However, if I really must pick 2, I choose the Espresso pot (I have a cup of coffee made from a pot just like that, here beside me) and the [cheese] grater (with two kids in the house, cheese seems to be the main thing the grater is used for).

I hope you have a wonderful St. Valentine's day and you share some time with those who are special to you!

Michelle said...

Love the new prints. My favs are the espresso maker (because it's the kind my Dad uses every morning) and the sifter (because my Mom is a fabulous baker who has one just like it).

Happy Valentine's Day!

roses are red
violets are blue
I've loved your art
From the very start!

Alanna Cavanagh said...

Hi Everybody,
I am completely touched by your sweet comments and absolutely terrible limericks. :-) Thanks so much, Alanna xox

Eugen S said...

The cheese greater first and espresso maker second for me! There is something about cheese greater that is so awesome, although I cut myself on one once and that wasn't fun at all!

Designwali said...

oh the gravy boat & coffee pot pretty please. Your work has such a great lightness to it. LOVE.

Unknown said...

these illustrations would be perfect for my new little house
the cheese grater to impress my little pet mouse
with it's creaky stairs and walls so white,
the coffee pot will help me stay up at night!
I love your illustrations in every way
I hope you enjoy your valentines day!


Unknown said...

Alanna ... amazing new prints. Love the coffee maker, as I am powered by caffeine ... and the sifter is fantastic. Those are my votes. Happy Valentine's Day!


Unknown said...

Lovin' the Valentine's give away! I like the expression machine and the flour mill. The grater is a close third.

Happy V-Day!


agnes szucs said...

they are very nice! happy Valentine's day! :) :)
I'd personally have the first two.


Unknown said...

Hi Alanna! Happy Valentine's Day!

Thanks for the gift. My favorites are the coffee maker which reminds me of Spain and my coffee maker on the gas stove there, and the cheese grater which reminds me of my mom, and comfort food, homemade pizza, and mac 'n cheese.

xo Alison

Meesh @ I Dream of Chairs said...

Happy Valentines' Day! My fave is the espresso maker. My s.i.l. collects them, so I would gift this to her should I win...although it would be hard to part with! :)

michelle said...

What a lovely idea - and those prints are gorgeous. I adore the gravy boat and the old fashioned sifter (I have a similar one that was my grandmother's and I use it all the time!)

Paula Shareski said...

I especially love the grater and the sifter!
(My son and his girlfriend bought me your librarian loafer for Christmas. Love it!!)
Your biggest fan,

Nora said...

Whee! I love a giveaway. My absolute favourite is the sifter. I love those old fashioned sifters, and though I don't bake very much any more, I have happy memories of using one similar to it when I would bake cakes with my mum. I also really like the grater. Because grated cheese is frequently what is piled up when you lift up a grater (at least in my house).

Cathy said...

Oh my favourites are the sifter and the grater..... if I must make a choice.
I was so excited that I had forgot to say which ones that I liked the best.

Mary deB said...

Coffee pot and sifter, or maybe grater. Hmm. I"m not sure I can express my love for them in a poem, though! Happy Valentines Day to you!

Anonymous said...

nothing would be grater than to have a coffee maker in the mooorning...! xoxo NutriSue

Alanna Cavanagh said...

From Jelena who had trouble posting:

Hello sweet Alanna!!

When we came to Canada, my mom - the mother of all bakers - thought Vday was about family love (not romantic) so she always made a HUGE effort to make me feel special...including baking a heart-shaped cake for me to wake up to FOR BREAKFAST! If chosen, I would frame the flour sifter and espresso maker and surprise her with this special gift. Keep up the incredible visual bursts of joy. Thanks, Jelena

Jelena Adzic
CBC TV Arts Reporter

Shadi said...

Alanna, I love the coffee maker and the grater. They remind me of my mother's kitchen. And regarding a valentine joke, I decided to stay with the communist ;) do you remember me...the intelligent women's guide to...happy valentine!

Unknown said...

The coffee maker and cheese grater are the cutest :)

Local 00303 said...

expresso maker & chesse grater....

There once was a graphic designer
Whose illustrations couldn’t be finer
tea cups and pots
in cute little spots
Her talent was certainly not minor!

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope to see you in the halls soon.


Katya said...

I love the gritty feeling of the line quality of all of these prints.
Espresso maker is my fave because it reminds me of my sweetie and the flour sifter because it reminds me of all my Irish grannies who made bread for their gabillion kids!
Happy Valentine's Day.

Unknown said...

Ohohohohoh. I choose the espresso maker because I use one just like it every morning. I also like the cheese grater because it reminds me of Mac and Cheese. Valentine be miiine.

Nina said...

Life begins after coffee and there is no joy without cheese.

The espresso maker and cheese grater are definitely iconic kitchen pieces. They're awesome, Alanna.

Beth Schuck said...

Love them all, but particularly the espresso maker and cheese grater-which relates to two of my favorite things cheese and coffee! Love my librarian shoe print which hangs in my office.
all the best,

RoDaSho said...

The Espresso maker and Cheese Grater are pretty great but really it's tough to choose amongst your prints. Great work Alanna. Happy Valentine's day!

Scott Linder said...

Love them all, of course!
(Well, consider the source...)
But if I must pick two,
Grater and Sifter will do!

Happy Valentine's Day, Alanna!

xoxo, Scott

Karen J said...

Cheese Grater and Gravy boat.


Debra Norton said...

Oh I love these! Perfect for my new kitchen ;)
My favorites are the coffee pot and the grater. Happy Valentine's Day Alanna!

PEGGY! said...

Grater and sifter!
But you don't have to sift through too much to find a grate print here!

Unknown said...


My 2 favourites are because they bring to mind 2 family members. My grandmother who used the same grater that I use today in her prairie kitchen & my Italian mother-in-law who every night would make espresso in her little pot. These women were opposites in many ways but they both instilled a love of family & coming together for wonderful family meals. Thank you Alanna for evoking these special memories.

Barbara Matson said...

I LOVE the espresso maker and cheese grater! Thanks for the heads up Alanna - I would LOVE one of your prints!

suzy said...

the espresso maker - can't live without my coffee (at least twice a day)
roses are red
violets are blue
sugar is sweet
and if you touch my coffee mug you won't live to tweet

sorry - suzy

Anonymous said...

Love them all but the espresso maker and the sifter are my favourites.

Ann said...

Oh so very nice! Love love love. Yes it is hard to chose... But as I am a total cheese lover and coffee addict, espresso maker and cheese grater is the couple of my choice. And for you very dear Alanna a French song: Quand il me prend dans ses bras il me parle tout bas je vois la vie en rose ...

I hope you had a sweet Valentine's day.oo lala


Lana said...

The stovetop espresso maker and the grater remind me of my sweet little Italian Nonna... and would look perfect in my kitchen!
Happy Valentines Day!

Annie said...

They're all lovely, but to pick just two, I'd opt for the sifter and the sweet little espresso maker. So charming!

Christine said...

Oh, the espresso maker and the grater for sure! They make such a nice pair. Lovely.

Adrienne said...

They are all so great, but I think my faves are the stovetop espresso maker and the sifter.

Rosanna said...

There once was a lady named Moka
Who loved a stiff drink and a polka
She sifted and grated
And somehow she made it
Rhyme with her chic gravy boat(a)

Tim said...

Thanks for hosting the giveaway Alanna! Love this set of 4 adorable prints! I would love the coffee and gravy!!

Happy Love Day!

p.s. I included the shout out on my blog too!

Unknown said...

I am in love with the espresso maker and cheese grater. Classic Alana Cavanagh style and charm!

i_fabiola said...

My favorite are the coffee maker and the grater. Undoubtedly because as the mom to a 9 month old I use these 2 quite often - the coffee maker for obvious reasons and the grater to grater fruits and veggies for my little one.

i_fabiola said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tamara Robbins Griffith said...

These are fantastic Alana! I love the coffee maker, because I am a busy PR chick and mom to a toddler. Cool that the coffee maker is a classic style and not a POD MACHINE. They are based on the principle of preparing coffee with pressurized boiling water.
That style of coffee maker was invented by Alfonso Bialetti in 1933!
I also like the flour sifter because nobody takes time to bake anymore! And if they do, who sifts their flour? It's all about enjoying the process of preparing what you are going to ingest.
So the sifter and coffee machine represent slow food in a way... happy valentine's day!

Jenna said...

Hi Alanna,

Great giveaway!

I enjoy all four prints, but the espresso maker and sifter are definitely most used in our kitchen, which we are looking to give a facelift pronto.

Instead of a Valentine's joke, here is a link to a wonderfully cheeky inforgraphic that my friend put together for Singles Awareness Day: That counts, right?

Fingers crosssed!

Jenna at Misener dot org

Unknown said...

The coffee maker because I drink too much coffee, and of course the cheese grater, because my boyfriend and I love to make pizza together!

LP said...

Our Brooks Brother's Print is dying for some company!

We love the Espresso Maker (makes the best cup of coffee!) and the Gravy Boat...

Leah and Dan

Alanna Cavanagh said...

Hi from Halifax, Alanna,
Fro Sue in Halifax
Love your kitchen images---especially the Coffee Maker and the Cheese Grater!

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
What could be better,
Than a present from you!

Cheers, Sue

Rowdyman said...

In the kitchen of my mother,
there are few fussy doodads or whatever,
but her most dependable baking partners,
are a Grater and a Sifter,
both older than my oldest brother.

Alanna Cavanagh said...

From Jill Dodds

Hi Alanna
Great kitchen series. I will be looking for your Spring debut at the Bay.

Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day.


Alanna Cavanagh said...

From Elizabeth Brown

I was "sifting" through the images and came upon a "grate" one (well two actually!)...the sifter and the grater two kitchen tools that I a) own and b) actually use! Therefore, those prints are my favourites!


Tracey Ayton Photography said...

Ha, this artwork makes me smile :-) I like the grater, the expresso maker but I also love the sifter. I'll let you decide which two I get when you pick me ;)

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Giveaways are cool
and so are you. ...... don't laugh, this took effort.

Have a lovely weekend!

Julie said...

I'm loving the gravy boat and the cheese grater! so cute and I do have the perfect spot for them, so please don't hesitate picking my name out of that hat! ;) cheers.

Carri-Lynne Eldergill said...

Hej Alanna! Cute and whimsical as ever!!! My faves are the cheese grater and gravy boat (although I have the ubiquitous IKEA cheese grater and I left my nice gravy boat in Canada!) x Carri

Unknown said...

LOVE ALL OF THEM! But if I have to pick two it would be the Espresso maker and Sifter. You're amazing!! Simple objects turn into art in your hands.

Alanna Cavanagh said...

From Maggie Magner

Love them all. But my favourites would have to be the gravy boat...conjuring images of a great meal, and the espresso maker for after...makes me think of a great evening!! Happy Valentines day!

phoenix said...

The cheese grater and and the espresso maker are my favourites! So sweet. :)

Alanna Cavanagh said...

From Sylvia Sarkus

Dear Alanna, I love your work. A pairing of the bialetti and sifter is sentimental to me. We have two sizes of bialetti on the stove. My husband and daughter make coffee in the bialetti everyday. We bake often and of course sift as part of the baking process. Coffee and cake, coffee and toast with jam or marmalade, coffee with bread and cheese! Delicious!! Please enter me in your Valentine's Day draw. Thank you for being so generous.

Alanna Cavanagh said...

From Janet Driver

Gravy boat and coffee pot.
Both of these I like a lot.

Thanks for the opportunity to win a piece of your work.


Amanda Fraioli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alanna Cavanagh said...

From Amanda

Hi Alanna!

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day...Thank you for sending the print I ordered so quickly. I LOVE IT! Can't wait to get it framed and put it up in my future kitchen. Would love to have the coffee maker and cheese grater in that future kitchen as well ;)

Amanda Fraioli

Clare said...

Hi Alanna, I'm digging the espresso maker and sifter especially! Merci!


Alanna Cavanagh said...

from Shannon Greene

I have your grater, it has done GREAT things.
I have your sifter, is has SORTED me out on many occasions.
I love your gravy boat I'm sure it would keep me AFLOAT.
I love your cafetiere as the need for CAFFEINE is clearly extreme?!

Hope you had a great Valentines Day
Shannon :-)