Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Salon night

Just what you need on a cold Canadian night: an invite to a cozy home filled with food, drink + great company. Champagne + cheese is an excellent start to the evening. :-)
Above: Donna + Colleen.

Host Janet set up a lovely dinner table in her groovy photography studio upstairs.
Seated: Donna, Colleen, Jessica, Me, Janet. Not shown: the fabulous Lynda who took the photo!
Note: The black arrow in this photo is pointing to some of Janet's recent work which she'll be exhibiting at the upcoming Artist Project in Toronto. Gorgeous.

With a room full of creative women there is never a shortage of cameras. I love how Lynda (upper left corner) fearlessly jumped into the bathtub to photograph Janet's new bathroom reno. :-)
A highlight of a lovely evening. Until next time...

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