Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New work: Wedding cake

In preparation for SURTEX I'm preparing several new greeting card images.
Here is a new wedding congrats card I completed yesterday.

Above is the reference I used for the illustration. 
I thot this cake was just divine.  
I ADORED the lattice + spriggy bits which were inspiring and very fun to draw.
Above is a version in pink.
Which colourway do you prefer?


Katya said...

I like both colorways. The red/pink one feels informal festive and the gold/black one feels more elegant and understated.
That's my two cents! Kate

Michelle @ AM Dolce Vita said...

I love both and would get one each. One of my cousins is getting married in New Zealand next year, and I might be interested in getting them for her as wedding presents. Are they available for sale yet?

claudine said...

The mustard gold version - hands down!!
Love your work Alanna. cc

Unknown said...


I am drawn to the gold & black, but I think my daughter - who is getting married in June - would prefer the pink. They are both whimsical, delightful!