Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tyler Brulé At OCAD

Tyler Brule's talk at OCAD last week was funny + inspirational and served as a big kick in the ass reminder to always be brave, original + THINK BIGGER.

Some favourite lines:

1. "Can we all be present in the room here tonight? I don't wanna see any tops of heads."
(In other words... turn off your phone)

2. "I worked at Movenpick in Yorkville and I spent all my tip money across the street at Maison de la Presse. That's where I got my education."

3. "Toronto needs to change it's residential vernacular. In terms of architecture it needs to raise the bar". Yep.

4. "Rather than looking south all the time Canadians should look East + West"
(After that I wrote in my notebook... LESS MAINE.... MORE SPAIN!")

Thanks OCADU for a great night.

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Shannon said...

I noticed a free talk the other day that I was interested in, and I paused to consider going, but I didn't... I have never attended one...

This sounds like it gave you a lift...I think I need to keep my eyes open for these events!

It's hard to ignore your iPhone/RIM....it shouldn't be, but I find it difficult. I once went for a detox yoga weekend and they took my phone away. I felt free! The people at the retreat believe there is energy that flows between you and the phone...they said never sleep with it by your head...

sorry to hijack! have a great tuesday!