Monday, December 13, 2010

Beginning work on Alphabet legs print

The print as it appeared in Canadian House and Home in May

Layer 1 is the red polka dots
Inking the screen

Pulling ink with squeegee onto the acetate

The acetate is used for registration

Placing paper under the acetate

First layer complete


Tracie said...

I would love to get a print for the girls (my daughters)!
Will it be available at Telegramme in the East End?

Alanna Cavanagh said...

Hi Tracie.
Yes it will be.
They should be at Telegramme by next week.
Thanks for your interest.

Wendy said...

Absolutely awesome!!!

Julia Bolchakova said...

This is great! I just love that elegant simplisity of your works.

Unknown said...

Amazing job Alanna.
And Merry Xmas.