Monday, December 13, 2010

WOW:Tim Walker: The Peter Pan of British Photography

Magical. Love the giant watering can and tipsy lamp.
Side note: As my friend Janet said "It would be nice to have his budgets!"

To me this looks straight outta a dream.

So does this.

This one doesn't fit with his fantasy style but I love it anyway.

I'm working on a new project for the IDS show in January. The client has asked for something very "Whimsical/ Alice in Wonderlandish". While hunting for inspiration I came across the wonderous work of photographer Tim Walker*.

Using stunning sets + lavish locations Tim creates narrative photo-stories with dreamlike fantasy lands where animals + humans interact, giant props take center stage and the everyday is juxtaposed with the absurd. As design traveller explains his photo creations contain collective unconscious archetypes so that they are easily-read, mysteriously touching and Alive.

A note on his creative process: On his website Tim Walker explains that keeping a scrapbook is key to work. Methought very interesting.

* Discovered through design traveller (again!)

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