Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dorothy Draper: Brash + Bold

Because Draper's furniture is full of swirls + curves it is extremely fun to sketch.

Reproductions of these pieces are now available through Kindel furniture.

I'm continuing to work on my project for the IDS in January.
The client requested some illustrations with a 'Dorothy Draper' sensibility.
A quick trip to wikipedia filled me in that Dorothy Draper was the most famous decorator in America from the 1930s to 1960s. Her style was big, brash, + bold, and bordered on what some would consider gaudy. She used her trademark cabbage-rose chintz and neo-baroque plasterwork to create innovative + dramatic interiors for hotels, restaurants, department stores and private homes.
It's fun when illustration assignments connect up with my interest in design history.


Amy B W said...

I love your sketches of the Dorothy Draper furniture produced by Kindel. At Kindel we love our whimsical Draper designs. Thanks for mentioning my company and recognizing the talents of Dorothy.

Amy Wolbert

Unknown said...

Oh dear .... I could be in big trouble (I'm in love w/ this furniture!)

Ora_Adzlin said...

i love your style of design :)