Monday, December 13, 2010

I Heart my Expedit Bookcase

Ikea's Expedit bookcase used as room divider between my livingroom and office.
Decor note: Below is also my new fake Sisal rug. So much cozier than cement.

My dear friend Andrew helping me build it on Friday eve.
FYI He also set up my Ikea Gallant desk in the same night. Now that's friendship. :-)

Here is a close up on the livingroom side.
I had so much fun making little "vignettes" in each of the squares with my wooden letters, tins, and Baby ben clocks.

Here it is on on the office side. The shelf provides an incredible amount of storage. Books fit two deep. Side note: I loved finally unpacking my boxes + seeing my books again. I missed them so!!

Ok! I finally carved out a bit of time for home improvement and purchased the white expedit bookcase that I've been pining over! I set it up as a room divider between my livingroom + office and I think it looks quite dandy. I feel this piece is one of Ikea's best designs ever. It provides a ton of storage + gives a real graphic punch to a room. Highly recommended. :-)

Home note: Observant design folk (that's you Nat) will also notice that I switched the positioning of the rooms so that the livingroom is now closer to and facing the kitchen. I thought this much more "guest friendly".


Jane Flanagan said...

Yay! Your place looks so lovely!

AnneB said...

Your new home looks beautiful--sophisticated and warm all at the same time! I love that coffee table...looked everywhere for one like it in Ottawa but we are not known for our home decor stores!!
Happy Holidays in your lovely new nest!

XXX said...

I'm moving into a 500 sq ft studio apartment next week and I think this will be a life saver!

Unknown said...

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