Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Beginning work on Mannequin print

As I mentioned a few weeks ago I'm creating some small sewing related prints especially for The Workroom. Today I began work on the small ochre mannequin print which is a smaller version of the print which appeared in Canadian House + Home in the spring. See above.

Below a few process pics.

Mixing the ink
Ochre = 27% Magenta 94% Yellow 20% Black

Applying ink with spatula
(The other images on the screen are covered with paper so that the ink does not go through them)

After a few test prints production begins

1st Layer drying
This will be a large edition of 25.

Good company while screening = Eleanor Wachtel's interview with Jonathan Franzen.
I liked his line 'Most depressives are also the funniest people I know. Most of my friends fit into this category"

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